The Jesse Tharp Family of Fauquier County, Virginia


Copyright 1999, James D. Ball



1. Jesse THARP b. Abt 1750-1755, m. Lucy (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1750-1755, d. Aft 1840, Fauquier Co. VA. Jesse died 1812-1820, Fauquier Co. VA.


Surname spelling was not standardized during this period of Virginia history. Variant spellings of Tharpe, Tharp, Thorpe, and Thorp are found throughout county records referring to the same family and individuals. These spellings also refer to two other unrelated families in the area, creating some interesting research situations.


Except for the tax records of Thomas, William, and Lewis and marriage records of Elizabeth and Mary, no supporting documents have been located establishing the parentage of the other siblings. Non-the-less, census proximity and a 1837 "Free State" land survey naming tenants gives compelling evidence of relationships.


From tax records, Jesse Tharp entered Fauquier as early as 1782. He is believed to have lived on Lot No. 2 in Leeds Manor in Fauquier. This land was situated near the Rappahannock River, north of its confluence with Carter's Run. Running through this 309.25 acre lot is the Bee Branch, a small tributary to That Run which runs south to the river. That Run has subsequently been dammed to create a reservoir.


This area was surveyed in 1837 at the request of James H. Marshall as the Marshall family had acquired the leaseholds from the Fairfax family of Great Britain.


In 1837 six tenants resided on the Tharpe tract: John Tharpe, Martin Tharpe, French Tharpe, Thomas Tharpe, John Burke, and the "elder" Mrs. Tharpe. Neighboring lots included Riley's lease, Blackwell's lease, and Mrs. Burke's lease. The Tharpe tract was classified as a "non-lease". As the Tharpes removed from this tract after 1840, it appears the meaning of the non-lease status was that a new lease was not agreed upon with the Marshall family. The initial lease of 1782 or earlier by Jesse Tharp has not been located.


The 1830 and 1840 censuses confirm the presence of these same six tenants. The "elder" Mrs. Tharpe would be Lucy Tharpe, born 1760-1770 per the 1830 census, or born 1750-1760 per the 1840 census.


Jesse was deceased after 1812, the marriage year of daughter Mary, and before the 1820 census. The 1810 census indicates Jesse was born before 1765.


There are indications Jesse may have had a brother William. This William Sr. of the Leeds Manor area may have been in the employ of William Porter who paid his taxes in 1788 and 1789. This same William Tharp is present in the Fauquier census data up to 1820. He appears to have not married, nor had children.


Judging from the age of son John, both Jesse and Lucy were likely born about 1750 to 1755.


From tax records, it is clear Jesse had sons Thomas, Lewis and William. George Tharp commenced paying taxes in 1796. In 1800 his taxes were paid by John West. Apparently George was in the employ of John West who served as George's marriage bondsman in 1801. This same John West was the father of Johanna who married George's brother Lewis.


In 1803, Jesse was witness to the will of William Burke, his neighbor. William's son John was a tenant on the Tharpe land in 1837 and is found in the 1850 Culpeper census as is Jesse's son John and others from the "Free State" of Fauquier.



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2. i John THARPE b. 1770-1775.

3. ii George THARP b. Abt 1779.

iii Elizabeth THARPE b. Abt 1780, m. 19 Jan 1801, in Fauquier Co. VA, Thornton GOLDEN.


Marriage bondsman was John Tharp who testified as to age. Witnesses were Jesse and Lucy Tharp. George Burk states "They are willing to give her up (to) Mr. Thornton Golden. She is of age." This marriage record is important in that it is the only known confirmation in Fauquier of Lucy as the wife of Jesse.



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Golden to Tharpe, 19 Jan 1801; Fauquier Marriage Book 2, page 229.


iv Thomas THARPE b. Abt 1781, m. 21 Sep 1820, in Fauquier Co. VA, Sarah GOUGH, b. Abt 1799, d. Bef 1840, Fauquier Co. VA. Thomas died Bef 1850, Fauquier Co. (?) VA.


Marriage bondsman was William Tharpe who also testified Sarah was 21 years of age. Jesse paid taxes for Thomas in 1797 through 1799 indicating Thomas was born about 1781.


The Gough family resided in the same general vicinity as Jesse and Lucy.


Thomas and Sarah are present in the 1820 census, neighbors to brothers John, Martin and William. No children present.


The 1830 and 1840 censuses indicate there were two sons and one daughter. The boys were born 1820-1825 and 1825-1830. The daughter was born 1825-1830. Sarah was not present for the 1840 census and Thomas is not found in the 1850 census.


There is an Emily Tharpe present with the John and Polly Tharpe family in Culpeper in 1850. This Emily, born about 1828, is not a daughter of John and Polly. It is believed she is the daughter of Thomas and Sarah, both deceased. Emily is the only female born to the Tharpe brothers during this period per census data. See John's record for more information.



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v William THARPE b. Abt 1782, Fauquier Co. (?) VA, m. 9 Feb 1801, in Fauquier Co. VA, Aggy BOWLING.


Jesse paid William's taxes in 1798 through 1800 indicating William was born about 1782, probably in Fauquier as this is the first year Jesse and Lucy are confirmed to be in Fauquier.


The 1810 Fauquier census shows William as single. The 1820 census shows William as married with a daughter born 1804-1810 and two sons each under 10 years. With the exception of the absence of a wife in 1810, the only marriage which fits this scenario is that of William Tharpe to Aggy Bowling on 9 Feb 1801. The marriage bondsman was David Holder and the witness was Hugh R. Campbell.


William is not present in Fauquier beyond the 1821 marriage of Martin Tharpe. It is assumed William and Aggy removed from the county about this time.



Reference cited:


Tharpe to Bowling, 9 Feb 1801; Fauquier Marriage Book 2, page 231.


4. vi Lewis THARPE b. 1783.

5. vii Tilman THARPE b. Abt 1786.

6. viii Mary THARPE b. Abt 1792.

7. ix Martin THARPE b. 1790-1794.



Second Generation


2. John THARPE b. 1770-1775, VA, occupation Farmer (1850), m. 26 Nov 1794, in Fauquier Co. VA, Mary "Polly" FRENCH, b. 1770, MD, d. Bef 1860, Culpeper Co. VA. John died 1852, Culpeper Co. VA.


John Tharpe left his will in Culpeper in 1852. In this document he accounted for all his surviving family, naming daughters Nancy, Margaret and Sarah and his grandchildren as: Lucinda Golden's children, French Tharp's children, Elizabeth Riley's children, and Margaret's child. His wife was mentioned, but left unnamed. Re. Will Book 5, page 63.


From early censuses in Fauquier, it seems John and Polly had daughters early who apparently didn't survive.


Through the 1840 census, John resided on the Tharpe tract in Fauquier as described under his father's account. By 1850 he removed his family to Culpeper where a full accounting of his family is given in the census. Lucinda and her sons were living with John, Mary (Polly), Nancy, Margaret, and Sarah. Also residing with the family in 1850 is Emily, age 22. She is believed to be the daughter of Thomas and Sarah.


It is thought this Emily Tharpe is the Emily "Thorpe" who married Francis McGrady in Fauquier on 2 Sep 1851, with James Henry Sutphin testifying to her age. This James Sutphin is believed to be the James Sutven (sic) who was John Tharpe's neighbor in 1850 Culpeper and the son of William Sutphin who was a neighbor of John Tharpe in Fauquier.


The 1850 census lists Mary's age as 80 and born in Maryland. John's age was listed as 68 and that he was born in Virginia. John being age 68 in 1850 is incongrous with a wedding year of 1794. It is far more likely his age was 78 which would be consistant with all previous censuses in Fauquier Co.


Living next to the James Sutphin family in 1860 Culpeper are: Nancy Tharp, 50; Sally Tharp, 41; and Peggy Tharp, 45. Each give their birth place as Culpeper. Their ages and places of birth are questionable. Parents were both deceased.



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i French THARPE b. Abt 1794, VA, occupation Farmer (1850-60), m. Abt 1830, Sarah (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1810, VA, d. Aft 1870, Rappahannock Co. VA. French died Aft 1870, Rappahannock Co. VA.


It appears French Tharpe moved his family from Fauquier at the time his parents removed, after 1840.


Elijah and John are the only children of French and Sally. Both are married and living on tracts adjoining their father in 1870. John however is duplicated in this 1870 census as he is found living in Jackson Twp., Culpeper (page 132). There is no doubt it is the same individual.



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and John are both married and living next to their father.]


ii Lucinda THARPE b. Abt 1795, VA, m. 28 Dec 1815, in Fauquier Co. VA, Lawson GOLDEN, d. Bef 1852. Lucinda died Aft 1850.

Bondsman to the marriage was Thornton Golden. Lucinda found in the 1850 Culpeper census living with her parents and two sons, Henry and George. There likely were older children.

iii Elizabeth THARPE b. 1798, VA, m. 7 Mar 1834, in Fauquier Co. VA, James RILEY, b. 1792, VA, occupation Laborer (1850).

Marriage bond specifically states Elizabeth is the daughter of John. Bondsman to the marriage was Spence Golding (Golden) who made oath that both were over age 21. Thomas D. Allen was the presiding minister. This family is found living in Fauquier, Ashby District in 1850. (337/345).

iv Nancy THARPE b. Abt 1805, VA. Nancy is mentioned in John's 1852 will and is living with her parents in 1850. She apparently never married.

v Margaret THARPE b. Abt 1817, VA. Margaret, not married, apparently had a child as mentioned in John's will.

vi Sarah THARPE b. Abt 1821, VA.


3. George THARP b. Abt 1779, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Stonemason (1860), m. 12 Jan 1801, in Fauquier Co. VA, Mary V. "Polly" NOLAND, b. Abt 1780, (daughter of John NOLAND/KNOWLAND and Jemima ARNOLD) d. Aft 1869, Carroll Co. KY. George died Aft 1860, Carroll Co. KY.


George's year of birth is estimated from the marriage date. This birth year is substantiated by the fact that George first paid taxes in Fauquier in 1796.


Polly is listed on the marriage record as the daughter of Gemime Noland. Bondsman to the marriage was John West. Witness was William Gordain. The only record of George in the census is in 1810 where he is listed with three sons under 10 years of age, their identities unknown. Where George is listed at 26-45 years, Polly is listed at 16-25. As George was about 30 at this time, Polly was at least 5 years younger, yet the marriage record doesn't indicate permission was given to marry.


While we are not certain of the fate of George and Polly past 1810, the name of "Noland" continued on.



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Tharpe to Noland, 12 Jan 1801; Fauquier Marriage Book 2, page 227.



i George Harrison THARP b. Abt 1804, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 7 Apr 1824, in Henry Co. KY, Eleanor DAWKINS.

ii Loenard THARP b. Abt 1807, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 28 Aug 1835, in Gallatin Co. KY, Iva Jane JOHNSON. Loenard died Aft 1870, Carroll Co. KY.

iii Thomas THARP b. Abt 1810, Fauquier Co. KY, m. 19 Aug 1834, in Gallatin Co. KY, Julia ADAMS. Thomas died Aft 1840, Henry Co. KY.

iv Presley THARP b. Abt 1812, m. Armilda SIDEBOTTOM. Presley died Aft 1840, Henry Co. KY.

v William THARP b. Abt 1816, m. 13 Jan 1840, in Henry Co. KY, Eliza BATTS.

vi Allen THARP m. 3 Sep 1844, in Carroll Co. KY, Eliza BISHOP.

vii Robert THARP b. 28 Mar 1819, Henry Co. KY, m. Brunetta SIDEBOTTOM. Robert died 14 Feb 1864, Trimble Co. KY.

viii Gustavus S. THARP b. Abt 1822, KY, m. 4 Jan 1846, in Carroll Co. KY, Nancy COMPTON.

ix Younger James THARP b. Abt 1826, KY, m. 6 Oct 1852, in Carroll Co. KY, Anna Eliza COGHILL.

x ??? THARP b. Abt 1825, KY.

xi Lewis THARP b. 7 Aug 1828, KY, m. 12 Mar 1849, in Carroll Co. KY, Martha Lovina JEWELL, b. 1828, KY.


4. Lewis THARPE b. 1783, Fauquier Co. VA, m. (1) 14 Jan 1805, in Fauquier Co. VA, Johanna WEST, b. Abt 1784, m. (2) 10 Sep 1817, in Hawkins Co. TN, Judy VERNON, b. 1795, NC, d. 9 Sep 1879, Washington Co. (?) AR, buried: Reese Cem. Washington Co. AR. Lewis died 25 Oct 1853, Washington Co. AR, buried: Reese Cem. Washington Co. AR.


Jesse commenced paying taxes for Lewis in 1800 indicating Lewis was born around 1784. This is also consistant with the year of his marriage to Johanna West.


The marriage record states Johanna is the daughter of John West. Bondsman to the marriage was William West. Witnesses were William West and George Tharpe. Lewis and Johanna are not found in Fauquier following this marriage. It is presumed they removed to Hawkins County Tennessee with members of the West family.


A William Tharpe and a Johanna Tharpe are both present in Hawkins County and both seem consistant in age to be the children of Lewis and Johanna.


Note: a William Tharp left his will in Hawkins Co. TN in the 1860s. A copy or abstract has not been obtained.


Johanna (West) Tharpe appears to have passed away by 1817 as Lewis married Judy Vernon on 10 Sep 1817 in Hawkins Co. She was born in 1795 in NC, and is believed to be the daughter of Nathan Vernon found as a neighbor in Hawkins Co. in 1840. Judy died 9 Sep 1879 in Washington Co. AR and is also buried there in the Reese Cemetery.


The six children listed are consistant with the data from the 1840 Hawkins Co. census. This census also shows William Tharp, b. 1800-1810. This William had a wife b. 1810-1820 and a daughter b. 1825-1830. Nathan Vernon was neighbor to both Lewis and William.


An entry in the Hawkins Co. Marriage Book 2 gives: Jemima Tharp marrying Anderson Fair on 31 Aug 1837. This couple in actuality is Johanna Tharp and Anderson J. Farris. Johanna and Anderson had a son Lewis Tharp Farris in 1839 who married Sarah Mills in Washington Co. AR.


While additional research remains, it appears Lewis did not move immediately to Hawkins Co. TN from Fauquier Co. VA. The William Tharp above was married by 1830. His marriage is not recorded in the Hawkins Co. records suggesting Lewis entered the county about that time or later. It is interesting to note that 1840 neighbors included William West, John West, Hezekiah West, and Herman West, all believed to be family to Johanna West who married Lewis Tharp in Fauquier.


The information regarding Lewis and Judith was obtained from an unsubstantiated source, yet it appears essentially valid.



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neighbors on page 255. Numerous West families present on pages 251 and 256.]

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Children by Johanna WEST:

i William THARPE b. 1800-1810. The 1840 Hawkins Co. TN cesus indicates William was married and his wife was b. 1810-1820 and a daughter was b. 1825-1830. William would have been married by 1830. There is no record of his marriage in Hawkins Co. Thus it is surmised William and possibly his father came from another location.

ii Johanna THARPE m. 31 Aug 1837, in Hawkins Co. TN, Anderson J. FARRIS.

The Hawkins Co. Marriage Book 2 shows the marriage entry as Jemima Tharp and Anderson Fair (sic). This may have been a transcription error of the original entry. This couple removed to Washington Co. AR.

Children by Judy VERNON:

iii ??? THARPE b. Abt 1821, TN.

iv Mary THARPE b. Abt 1823, TN.

v Jesse THARPE b. Abt 1825, TN, d. Abt 1885, Washington Co. AR.

vi Nathan THARPE b. 2 Feb 1828, TN, d. 15 Aug 1849, Cherry Creek; Denver, CO, buried: Kings Cem. Washington Co. (?) AR.

vii Matilda THARPE b. Abt 1830, TN.

viii Lucy THARPE b. Abt 1833, TN.


5. Tilman THARPE b. Abt 1786, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Laborer (1850), m. 21 Mar 1822, in Fauquier Co. VA, Sarah "Sallie" TARMAN, b. Abt 1798, VA. Tilman died Bef 1860, Fauquier Co. VA.


Bondsman to the marriage of Tilman and Sarah was Thomas Tharpe. The marriage record shows Sarah TARMAN. Sarah is believed to be the sister of Mary TURMAN who married Tilman's brother Martin.


With the exception of sons Thompson, George, Noland and Moses, Tilman's family is found living in the Ashby District of Fauquier in 1850. This appears to have been in the vicinity of Ada and Salem (presentday Marshall). In 1860, several siblings are listed as living with Thompson while the remaining members are living with Sarah. The family members of both Tilman and Martin appear to have remained very close.


There is a Sallie Tharp, 68, and Susan Tharp, 45, living near Thompson in 1870. This may be Sarah (Tarman) Tharp. Susan's identity is not clear.


Also, a Robert Tharp, age 50, Susan Tharp, age 40, and Sallie Tharpe, age 25, are found living next to Thompson. Their identity is unclear.


By 1898, the surviving descendants of Tilman and Sarah are represented in the following deed in which in which the siblings assign their shares in their father's land to their sister, Arabella (Tharpe) Riley.



Tharpe to Riley Deed, 15 Feb 1898 Rec. 20 Mar 1909;

Fauquier Deed Book 102, p. 150.


THIS DEED made and entered into this the 15 day of Feby 1898 between Bettie Carter, Noland Tharpe, George Tharpe, Susie Carter, Moses Tharpe, Nancy Tharpe, Jane Tharpe, Lizzie Sutphin, parties of the first part and Aberilla Riley, party of the second part. WITNESSETH That for and in consideration of the love and affection of the parties of the first part bear to the party of the second part and in consideration of the sum of five dollars in hand paid to the parties of the first part, the receipt of which is hearby acknowledged, the said parties of the first part have granted, bargained, sold and conveyed and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Aberilla Riley our undivided interest in 19 acres of land lying near Waterloo on the Rappahannock River on the Fauquier side adjoining the lands of John T. Riley, Armstrong and others it being the same land of which Tilman Tharpe died seized and possessed containing as aforesaid 19 acres. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above granted premises with general warranty of title unto the said Aberilla Riley her heirs and assigns forever, in fee simple. witness the following signatures and seals forever.


Witness: R.H. Tharpe, C.W. Talbot.



Bettie X Carter, (Seal).



Noland X Tharpe, (Seal).



George X Tharpe, (Seal).



Moses X Tharpe, (Seal).



State of Virginia, County of Fauquier, to wit:- I, C.W. Talbot, a Notary Public in and for the County and State aforesaid, do certify that Bettie Carter, Noland Tharpe, George Tharpe and Moses Tharpe, whose names are signed to the foregoing writing bearing date on 15 day of February 1898 have acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid. Given under my hand this 5 day of March 1898.

C.W. Talbot, N.P.


Clerks Office of Fauquier Circuit Court, March 20 1909. This deed was this day received in said Office and with certificate admitted to record.

Teste: Jno. R. Turner, Clerk.


Margin notation: Examined and delivered to ___ Riley this ____ 1912.



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dwelling 1109.



i Thompson THARPE b. Abt 1823, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Carpenter (1850), m. Abt 1862, Nancy (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1836, VA. Thompson died 5 Jan 1892, Culpeper Co. VA.


Thompson Tharp, age 22, is found living with the John Waters family in Rappahannock County. He was listed as a carpenter and stated that his parents were born in Maryland.


In the 1860 census, Thompson, age 29, is listed as the head of the household. Living with him are his siblings: Elizabeth, Patsy, Mahala, Lavinia, and Moses. Living next door is brother George L. and his wife Lucy.


In 1870 Thompson, age 46, and Nancy are found living in close proximity to others of his family in Leeds.


In 1880 Thompson, age 62 and Nancy are living in the Centre District of Fauquier. Again he states his parents were born in Maryland.


Thompson died in Culpeper County. His death record confirms his parents as "Tellman and Sallie" Tharpe.



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ii George L. THARPE b. Abt 1824, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Saddler-Miller, m. Lucy A. (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1825. Note: There is another George Tharpe of about the same age who appears to have brothers John E. and James. George L. and Lucy do not appear to have had any children.

iii Margaret "Mary" THARPE b. Abt 1826, Fauquier Co. VA. Apparently never married. Living with the Alenander and Arabella Riley family in 1870.

iv John Noland THARPE b. Abt 1828, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Farm Laborer (1880), m. Frances (CARTER), b. Abt 1835, VA. Known as "Noland". 1880 Marshall Dist.

v Moses F. THARPE b. Abt 1833, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Laborer (1880), m. Mary E. (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1838, VA. Re. 1880 Marshall District

vi Elizabeth THARPE b. Abt 1834, Fauquier Co. VA.

vii Patsy THARPE b. Abt 1835, Fauquier Co. VA.

viii Arabella THARPE b. Abt 1837, Fauquier Co. VA, m. Alexander RILEY, b. Abt 1835, Fauquier Co. VA, (son of James RILEY and Elizabeth THARPE).

In 1870 found on census page 535, First Rev. Dist, Warrenton PO (972/969). Arabella's sister Mary is living with them.

ix Mahaly THARPE b. Abt 1839, Fauquier Co. VA.

x Sarenia THARPE b. Abt 1841, Fauquier Co. VA.


6. Mary THARPE b. Abt 1792, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 2 Jan 1812, in Fauquier Co. VA, Samuel LAWRENCE, b. Abt 1793, Fauquier Co. VA.

Various surname spellings are found among court documents including Lawren(t)z and Lorentz. Samuel likely descends from the family of the same name found in Northumberland and Lancaster. There possibly are other members of this family in Fauquier in the late 1700s.


The marriage record states Mary is the daughter of Jesse who also gave his consent. William McCormack was the bondsman. Witnesses were William McCormack and Jesse Tharp. At the time of the marriage, Mary was underage.


Mary's brother John was a witness to the marriage of Benjamin Duncan and Sarah L. McCormick, daughter of William.



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Communications with Robin Lawrentz, family researcher.



i Theodosia LAWRENCE b. 1812-1818, Fauquier Co. VA, m. ??? SCOTT.

Issue unknown.

ii Alexander LAWRENCE b. 15 May 1816, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 4 Apr 1843, in Harrison Co. VA, Elizabeth PARR, b. 1823. Had issue.

iii Noah LAWRENCE b. 15 May 1816, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 27 Mar 1838, in Lewis Co. VA, Elizabeth ALLMAN, b. 18 Jan 1817, Harrison Co. VA, d. 1887, Spencer, Roane Co. WV. Noah died 23 Apr 1880, Spencer, Roane Co. WV, buried: Hebron Cemetary; Spencer, WV. Had issue.

iv Margaret "Mary" Ann LAWRENCE b. Abt 1819, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 21 Feb 1840, in Lewis Co. VA, Samuel STUTLER, d. 1885, Ritchie Co. WV. Margaret died Abt 1846, Harrison Co. VA. Had issue.

v Ransom LAWRENCE b. 24 Aug 1821, Fauquier Co. VA, m. (1) 12 Sep 1843, in Lewis Co. VA, Elizabeth STUTLER, b. 1825, VA, d. 1860, Harrison Co. VA, m. (2) 12 Sep 1861, in Harrison Co. VA, Eliza LOWTHER, b. 1837, Harrison Co. VA. Ransom died 24 Jun 1886, Lewis Co. WV, buried: 24 Jun 1886, Roanoke, Lewis Co. WV. Had a sizable family with both wives.

vi James LAWRENCE b. 2 Aug 1823, Fauquier Co. VA, m. 24 Jun 1852, in Lewis Co. VA, Isabella REED, b. 18 Oct 1822, d. 14 Sep 1909, Lewis Co. WV, buried: 14 Sep 1909, Jesse's Run Cem. Lewis Co. WV. James died 8 Aug 1881, Lewis Co. WV, buried: 14 Aug 1881, Jesse's Run Cem. Lewis Co. WV. Had issue.


7. Martin THARPE b. 1790-1794, Fauquier Co. VA, m. (1) 5 Jan 1819, in Fauquier Co. VA, Jane "Jennie" HUGHLETT, b. Abt 1799, Fauquier Co. VA, (daughter of William HUGHLETT and Margery BALL) d. 1820-1821, Fauquier Co. VA, m. (2) 7 Dec 1821, in Fauquier Co. VA, Mary TURMAN, b. Abt 1799, VA, d. 10 Sep 1894, Fauquier Co. VA. Martin died Bef 1850, Fauquier Co. VA.


Martin Tharpe married Jane Hughlett 5 Jan 1819 in Fauquier. The marriage record states that she is the daughter of William Hughlett who gave consent. The bondsman for the marriage was William Hughlett and Thomas C. Kelly was the witness. Jane appears to have died either in childbirth or shortly thereafter. Smith Tharpe's marriage license in 1875 confirms that Martin and Jane were his parents.


Martin married Mary Turman 7 Dec 1821 in Fauquier. William Tharpe was bondsman. It is believed that Mary is the sister of Sarah Tarman who married Martin's brother Tilman.


Martin first appears as the head of the household in the 1820 Fauquier census. Martin has with him two brothers, the three listed at ages 26 to 45. Jane is listed at age 16 to 25. A second female is listed at over 45 years of age. This could only be his mother Lucy. The two brothers present were likely not married and not accounted elsewhere, one being Tilman. Son Smith had not yet been born.


In 1837 Martin was one of the 6 tenants listed on the Tharp tract that originally belonged to his father Jesse.


Mary's place of birth is in question. The 1880 census, Marshall District, indicates Mary was born in Maryland, as were her parents. Living with Mary in 1880 were daughters Lucy, Eliza, and Harriet. The 1850 census gives Mary as 45 years of age and born in Virginia.


RH Tharp of Marshall, son, was the informant on Mary's death record.



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Children by Jane "Jennie" HUGHLETT:

i Smith Henry THARPE Sr. b. Abt 1820, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Farmer, m. (1) 21 Dec 1840, in Rappahannock Co. VA, Narcissa HINSON, b. Abt 1815, Fauquier Co. VA, (daughter of James HINSON and Polly DULIN) d. Bef 1875, Prince William Co. (?) VA, buried: unknown location, m. (2) 6 Apr 1875, in Prince William Co. VA, Emma E. DAVIS, b. 8 May 1839, Prince William Co. VA, (daughter of John W. DAVIS and Nancy (UNKNOWN)) d. 17 Mar 1925, Fauquier Co. VA, buried: Oakdale Baptist Ch. Prince Wm. Co. VA. Smith died 22 Apr 1889, Fauquier Co. VA.


Smith Tharpe's family lived in the same vicinity as the Ball family on Carters Run in Fauquier. James Hinson also resided in this area, but purchased land near Amissville in nearby Rappahannock County. Smith pursued his bride Narcissa Hinson across the Rappahannock, They were married in Rappahannock County on 21 Dec 1840 (Bond). George Dulin, Narcissa's uncle, was the bondsman.


Little is known of Smith Tharpe in his early years. The lives of Smith Tharpe and Benjamin Benton Ball, Sr. paralled each other closely. Both men moved from the Carters Run area of Fauquier to Prince William, living near each other, both engaged in tenant farming.


Following the Civil War, Smith H. THARPE acquired 443.5 acres of land lying on the county line. As Smith held little wealth, it is presumed that he acquired these lands with the help of Narcissa's father. A description of his land transactions follows.



SHACKELFORD to THARPE Deed, 12 Jan 1866

Fauquier Co. Deed Book 59, page 634, rec. 12 Jan 1866


Settlement of a land suit arising originally as WARE vs BAILEY, 13 Sep 1856 at which time B. H. SHACKELFORD and John P. PHILIPS were appointed Commisioners in the original suit to make sale of lands. This land was sold to James W. BAILEY on 1 Nov 1856, who in turn sold this tract on 20 Apr 1860 as follows: to Smith H. THARPE 443.5 acres, to John REID 139 acres and 27 poles, and to Alfred B. EDMONDS, trustee for the wife and children of Thomas W. EDMONDS, 350 acres. BAILEY directed SHACKELFORD to execute individual deeds to which this document pertained. The 443.5 acre tract purchased by THARPE lies in both Fauquier and Prince William Counties near Greenwich (in Pr. Wm. Co.). A plot map was filed under the original suit.




The Smith Tharp tract was shaped as two irregular diamonds lying partly adjacent on a SW-NE line. The 1856 owner of the western-most tract containing 155.5 acres was ROBINSON. This tract was partially bounded by Rogues Road to the NW. Neighbors to the west were MOORE and KULP (sp?). A mansion house was within this tract.


The eastern-most tract in 1856 was referred to as the SETTLE and REEVE tract. Containing 288 acres, this tract was bounded to the east by Burwells Road leading into Greenwich, and by Weavers Road to the SE. Neighbors in 1856 included: MOOSELEY (sp?), WEAVER, HALDEMAN, WARDEN, and JEFFRIES. The small community of Baileysburg lies on Burwells Road at the eastern most tip.


Cattail Branch runs east, through the Settle/Reeve tract, through Baileysburg, and continues into the 489 acre LOVE tract subsequently purchased by REID and EDMONDS. The Redshoal Branch runs east, partially through the Love tract, and lies to the north of the Cattail Branch. Neighbors to the Love tract in 1856 were MARSTELLER and MOOSELEY.


Note: The actual transaction occurred on 20 Apr 1860. No deed has been located for this in Fauquier. The 1866 document is a formality requiring individual representative deeds. The purchase amount is not disclosed in the 1866 document.



THARPE to BALCH Deed, 8 Mar 1866; rec. 13 Apr 1866

Fauquier Co. Deed Book 59, page 764,


Smith H. THARPE and wife Narcissa sell to Thomas BALCH, trustee of Louisa Ann KENT and children for the sum of $200 paid by Richardson KENT, husband of Louisa Ann, 20 acres lying within Fauquier County. This being part of the original purchase from James W. BAILEY, lies between the lines of MOORE and JEFFRIES.




Note: Thomas B. Balch was a local preacher. The 1850 census shows Thomas B. Balch, age 57, and his wife Susan C., age 48, living in the area along with 7 children and Ann B. Moffitt, age 82. Re. 1850 Fauquier Co. Census, Turners District, Family 651.




Prince William Co. Deed Book 44, page 232


Smith H. THARPE and wife convey land to Burr P. DULIN and wife.




Note: Burr P. Dulin is the minister who married Smith H. Tharpe and Emma Davis in 1875. It is believed that either B.P. Dulin, or his son James B. Dulin, was the first minister of the Oakdale Baptist Church which lies on or near land once owned by Smith H. Tharpe. J.B. Dulin was executor to the estate of Smith H. Tharpe. Other children of B.P Dulin were William M. and Ida. The father of B.P Dulin may have been John Dulin who once was a neighbor to Benjamin Ball III and whose Carter Run land was purchased by Edward Digges as were the Carter Run lands of Benjamin III. These Dulins were probably descendents of William Dulin who married Clemence Ball, daughter of Edward Ball, Jr. and Sarah Owens. Also, Burr Dulin may have been an uncle, or cousin, to Narcissa (Hinson) Tharpe.



THARPE to BALL Deed, 18 Mar 1873, , rec. 28 Apr 1873

Fauquier Co. Deed Book 65, page 73


Smith H. THARPE sells land to his son-in-law, Albin P. BALL and his wife Narcissa for $50.00. The land borders that of Smith H. Tharpe and Charles Green in Fauquier Co. and contains 3 Acres, 2 Roods and 27 Poles. Margin notation: Ex(d) & deliv(d) to AP Ball Dec 14 '74. RH Downman, Clk




Smith H. THARPE, Sr. married Emma E. DAVIS, daughter of Jno. W. Davis, on 6 Apr 1875 in Prince William County. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's father by B.P. Dulin, minister. Smith was 54 years of age and widowed. Emma was 36 years of age and single. There are no known issues from this marriage. In the same year, B.P. Dulin also performed the marriage ceremony for Emma J. Tharpe and J.H. Nalls. The marriage record of Smith H. THARPE to Emma E. DAVIS confirms Smith's parents.


By 1889, The THARPE lands totalled 129 acres, all within Fauquier County. His neighbors were: MOORE, JEFFRIES, William HALL(S), GREEN, DULIN, Albin P. BALL, and KENT.



Synopsis of the Will of Smith Henry THARPE, 1 Apr 1889; rec. 22 Apr 1889

Fauquier County Will Book 39, page 329


My wife Emma Tharpe is to keep my farm as long as she lives, provided she does not marry again. if my wife marry again then the land shall be divided as this will show. If there shall not be money enough to pay expenses my wife Emma shall rent the land out until they all are paid. My wife Emma is to have one cow. If my wife Emma Tharpe shall marry or when she shall die then the follow division of my property shall take place... (sic)


Hester A. RILEY and heirs 20 acres including house

Emma J. NALLS and heirs 25 acres

Mary PAYNE and heirs 25 acres

Celia BALL and heirs 25 acres

Narsassie BALL and heirs 25 acres

James B. THARPE $5

Smith H. THARPE 9 acres


George MAYHUGH and James B. DULIN are named as executers. Witnesses: Lewis MAYHUGH and James R. McLEAREN.




In 1880, George Mayhugh, age 25 and a wheelwright, lived adjacent to Smith Tharpe and to Richardson Kent, age 65 and a farmer. Benjamin Ball was Smith's neighbor to the other side.



Reference: Conner, E.R., III;"100 Old Cemeteries of Prince William County Virginia" (1981); Lake Lithograph,Inc. at Manassas VA; page 182:


"THARPE: Family cem., now unmarked, in field on James

Cooke farm, 9706 Greenwich Rd. Site is about 500 yds.

west of main house. According to James Cooke, this

was Tharpe cem. of at least a dozen graves. Robinson

family, residents in the late 1700's, may also be

buried here.

Land has been plowed over for about 50 years and all

traces of graves have disappeared."



It is unknown if Smith H. Tharpe and Narcissa were buried on these grounds though Smith probably owned this land at one time. Emma is buried at the Oakdale Church which is also on land Tharpe at one time owned. It is a possibility too that this is the burial site of the MOORE family, including Benjamin Benton BALL, Sr. and his second wife, Louisa (Moore) BALL. This cemetery may be that which Louisa BALL mentioned in her will. Noting the seemingly close friendship of Benjamin Ball and Smith Tharpe, and the knowledge that Benjamin returned to the area, presumably to farm the adjoining MOORE estate lands, it is a strong possibility.


Note: Emma Tharpe is buried at Oakdale Baptist Church. Her burial marker gives: Emma Tharpe / May 8, 1839 / March 17, 1925. It is likely this is Smith's second wife. There were other graves in close proximity but the markers were missing.



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Children by Mary TURMAN:

ii Mildred Jane THARPE b. 1823, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Weaver (1860), m. 2 Nov 1840, in Fauquier Co. VA, Nathaniel Gilmore CARTER, b. 1815, Fauquier Co. VA, (son of Francis CARTER and Ellen BRIGGS) occupation Farmer (1860), d. Feb 1900, Fauquier Co. VA.



This family is found living next to Martin F. Tharp in 1860 Fauquier. Co. Re. Salem District, page 139, dwelling 22, family 22. Nathaniel's real estate is valued at $840 and his personal estate at $300.



Will of Nathaniel Gilmore Carter, 1 Feb 1894 Rec. 26 Feb 1900,

Fauquier Co. VA


I Nathaniel G. Carter of the county of Fauquier and state of Virginia do make this my last will and testament revoking all others.


First, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mildred Jane Carter all of my real and personal property that I may of seized and possessed of to have and to hold during her natural life and at her death to divide between our children and their heirs as follows:


First, I give and devise unto my daughter Martha A. Tarman and her heirs a part of the forty acres of land lying south of Mrs. Tharps land. Beginning at a corner of D.F. Browns line and running west to a stone and pine above the spring, thence northeast to a pine and stone and thence Southwest to a stone and shake in Tarmans line, the above land Martha A. Tarman is to hold during her life and at her death her heirs forever.


Second, I give and devise unto my son Hezekiah and heirs the remainder of the said forty acres with equal right to the spring with my daughter Martha.


Third, I give and devise unto the heirs of my deceased son James Carter the land adjoining the land now owned by them beginning at the gate in the Shumate line and thence Southeast with the road to Browns line.


Forth, I give and devise unto my son Nathaniel W. Carter the field lying south of James A. Carter's and the wood land next to Brown's, the above land Nathaniel is to hold during his life, and at his death to go to his heirs forever.


Fifth, I give and devise unto my son Robert and his heirs the field next to the grade, reserving the Meeting House and 1/4 acre of land so long as it shall be used as a place of worship, but should it be abandoned as a place of worship then it shall be a part of said Robert's legacy.


Sixth, I give and devise unto my son Lucius S. Carter and his heirs the field south of Nathaniels running south with fence to Brown's line.


Seventh, I give and devise unto my daughter Mrs. Elizabeth H. Gray and her heirs the field adjoining the field of Lucius and south of it.


Eighth, I give and devise unto my daughter Rebecca Gray and her heirs a field on Deneals line, corner at a chestnut oak running to a branch corner at a stone. Thence a line of fence northeast to end of stone fence, thence with stone fence northwest to a line of rocks and persimmon trees, the south is beginning at Deneals line, thence west to cherry line on the branch, thence north to a stone on the road near the grindstone apple tree, thence south with the road to Deneals line, thence with Deneals line to chestnut oak, Mrs. Rebecca Gray has the right to use water from my spring.


Ninth, I give and devise unto my grand daughter Alma L. Tharp and her heirs the house formerly occupied by Hezekiah and the land lying between the stone corner at the coal hearth, and the stone corner in Deneals line running as Deneals line.


Tenth, I give and devise unto my daughter Georga Anna Carter my dwelling house yard and garden, and the field opposite the house, bounded as follows, beginning at stone near the house thence north to corner of road, thence west to Rixeys' line, thence south to cabin on Rixeys, thence east to road, thence north with road to beginning, the orchard also to go to Georga Anna Carter. I also give her the wood field adjoining Alma Tharp, thence with her line to a stone near two black heart cherry trees, thence with Deneals line northwest to Rebecca's line.


Eleventh, I give and devise unto my daughter Mildred J. Edwards and her heirs all of the land bought by me from David Carper.


Twelfth, I give and devise to my son William H. Carter the sum of twenty five dollars to be paid from the proceeds of sale of my personal property.


Thirteenth, I give and devise unto my daughter Mary Ellen Tharpe, the stablefield and the graveyard field running to Rixeys line, thence north to the road, thence with the road east to the corner, thence southeast to Alma Tharp's line thence with Alma's line to Georga Anna line.


The remainder of my property shall be equally divided between my children but not until after the death of my wife, nor shall there be any division of any of the property until her decease, but shall hold it for her benefit. I reserve land enough adjoining the graveyard for the burial place for all of my heirs and their families. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 1st day of February 1894.


Nathaniel G. Carter---his mark - x - and seal


The above instrument was subscribed by N.G. Carter the testator in the presence of each of us, and was at the same time declared by him to be his last will and testament and we at his request sing our names thereto as attesting witnesses this 1st day of February, 1894. J.A. Weaver Lewis S. Reid J.F. Jones


Fauquier County Court February 26, 1900 A paper writing, dated 1st February, 1894, purporting to be the last will and testament of Nathaniel G. Carter dec'd, was presented to the court for probate and Lewis S. Reid one of the attesting witnesses being duly sworn, deposed and said that he and J.A. Weaver and J. F. Jones the other attesting witness whose genuine signatures are subscribed thereto were together at the same time in the presence of the testator who acknowledged the same in their presence as his last will and testament, and thereupon they signed their names thereto as attesting witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each other and said paper writing is ordered to be recorded as and for the true last will and testament of Nathaniel G. Carter dec'd.


Testament. A. R. Bartinstein, Clerk


This will was transcribed from a handwritten copy by Frank S. Coleman, October 16,1999.



Additional references cited:


Carter to Tharp, 2 Nov 1840; Fauquier Marriage Book 5, page 211.

1860 Federal Census; Fauquier Co. VA, Salem District, page 139; dwelling

22, family 20. [Martin F. Tharp on same page as family 20].


iii James H. THARPE b. Abt 1824, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Stone Mason (1860), m. 9 Jan 1851, in Fauquier Co. VA, Ann Eliza BALL, b. Abt 1825, Fauquier Co. VA, (daughter of Osborn BALL and Rosa (UNKNOWN)).


John W. Golden was the bondsman to the marriage of James and Ann.


1860 Census, Fauquier Co. VA; Orlean PO; Dwelling 701, family 680.; pg 228.

[James listed as a Stonemason.]

1870 Census, Fauquier Co. VA; page 538, dwelling 1017, family 1017.

[living near brother Silas and mother Mary].


iv Lucy THARPE b. Abt 1827, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Seamstress (1860). Single in 1860 and 1880.

v Eliza A. THARPE b. Abt 1828, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Seamstress (1860). Single in 1860 and 1880.

vi Martin Franklin THARPE b. Abt 1832, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Farmer (1860), m. 13 Apr 1864, in Fauquier Co. VA, Lavinia Agnes FEWELL, b. Abt 1842, d. Aft 1888. Martin died 10 Sep 1888, Fauquier Co. VA. The 1880 Fauquier census, Marshall District, shows this family but gives "Franklin", age 40 (b. ca 1840), and Agness, age 38 (b. ca 1842). In 1860, Salem District. Martin is listed as head of the house. His mother and four sisters are living with him. Next door is Nathaniel Carter's family. Also known as "Frank M. Tharp".

vii Harriet THARPE b. Abt 1835, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Seamstress (1860). Single in 1860 and 1880. Her real name may actually have been Mary Harriet.

viii Silas THARPE b. Abt 1837, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Farmer (1870), m. Bettie (UNKNOWN), b. Abt 1842. Located in 1870 Fauquier census in the First Revenue District, Warrenton, PO; Page 538 (1015/1911).

ix Richard H. THARPE b. Abt 1838, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Stonemason, m. (1) Texanna R. HALL, b. Abt 1849, Fauquier Co. VA, (daughter of Addison HALL and Elizabeth (UNKNOWN)) d. 27 Aug 1887, Fauquier Co. VA, m. (2) 19 Nov 1895, in Fauquier Co. VA, Cora Marse RILEY, b. 14 Nov 1870, Fauquier Co. VA, (daughter of Alexander RILEY and Arabella THARPE). Richard died Aft 1912, Fauquier Co. VA. 1880 Census, Fauquier Co. Marshall District 1870 Census, Fauquier, page 538. Single, living with his mother and sisters. Sep 1912 Fauquier Chancery Case 474. Gave deposition regarding divorce of his son Clarence from Martha Kendall who had children by another man. Clarance's brother Richard also gave a deposition.

Her father apparently died about 1850. Found living with her mother next to the Tilman Tharpe family in 1850.

x Martha L. THARPE b. Abt 1841, Fauquier Co. VA, occupation Seamstress (1860). Single in 1860.



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