Rodham Lunsford of Lincoln County, Kentucky
by JD Ball

The Lunsford family of Fauquier County Virginia, as with many families found in Fauquier in the late eighteenth century, presents challenges. My interest lies specifically with Rodham, who removed to Lincoln County Kentucky, and Baldwin who remained in Fauquier. Both married daughters of Benjamin and Ann Ball and I suspect they are brothers, especially so since Baldwin appears to have had a son Rodham. Determining their parentage is troubling - but, there are clues.

Rodham Lunsford of Lincoln County, Kentucky is traditionally linked to the Lunsfords of Lancaster County, Virginia as the son of Rodham Lunsford Senior. There is no known association for Baldwin with this family.

What I am presenting here is an analysis of the Rodham Lunsford family of Lincoln County Kentucky. It will be unpopular with those who accept the belief that Rodham married a second time to Sally Cox and is the son of Rodham Lunsford Senior of Lancaster. Tax records show this is not so. They were two different individuals living in separate Virginia counties at the same time. Unfortunately this belief has been propagated by the National DAR. There is no question Rodham Lunsford of Lincoln and Fauquier counties is a bona fide Soldier of the Revolution. What is questionable is his parentage - and that of Baldwin as well. Granted, the DAR works with what is presented as "proof" for these early generations. With information available today, these "proofs" could be more carefully examined.

The correct answer is there, somewhere. I welcome any comments.

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The Rodham Lunsford Family
Amos Lunsford Executor Bond