The Ball Family, Revisited – and Revised!


The early generations of the Ball family detailed in my database The Ball Family of Carter’s Run has been based upon, with a few exceptions, the compiled work of Helen Ball in The Edward Ball Family of Middlesex County Virginia. Copies of her work have been filed with the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, with the Fauquier Public Library in Warrenton, and with the DAR library. Her work was also published in some early issues of the quarterly newsletter “Ball Beginnings” which is available on film through the LDS library. My personal copy dates from about 1983 when I first met Helen.

Like all works of this nature, Helen had some errors and omissions. Many of these have been corrected in my data that I’ve made available on the web since 1998.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to rectify certain elements in the data against information now becoming available to the public and published in various references. It was time to revisit and document these early lines. Fortunately this has been done by a well qualified researcher and descendant.

Major errors have been uncovered through the work of Ronald A. Hill, PhD, CG in his Ball Family Migration, Virginia to Kentucky, 1784 published in “The American Genealogist”, Vol. 78, Nos. 2, 3 and 4 (2003). With Dr. Hill’s permission, his work is reflected on my website. It is our intent to correct the record.

Among the corrections are:

• The Benjamin Ball who married Ann McIntosh (no proof of her surname) and removed to Kentucky is the son of Benjamin Ball Sr. and Ann Owen, not the son of Edward Ball Jr. – and definitely not the son of Daniel Ball who went to North Carolina.
• The Benjamin Ball who married Ann and settled on Carter’s Run in Fauquier is the son of Edward Ball Jr., not the son of Benjamin Ball Sr.
• David Ball who married Sarah McNeal is the son of Benjamin and Ann of Carter’s Run, not the son of Benjamin Ball Sr.
• James Ball who went to Kentucky is the brother of Benjamin who went to Kentucky. James married Mary Ball, daughter of Edward Ball, 3rd and Elizabeth.

The primary resource in defining these relationships is Lincoln County Circuit Court Case 601: James Ball vs. William Ball, originating in 1805. Dr. Hill has deciphered over 300 pages of testimony and depositions that delineate these family lines coupled with analysis of tax records in both Virginia and Kentucky.

Additional Comments and Changes:

There are four contemporary individuals of the Ball surname in early Middlesex: Elizabeth who married Michael Musgrave, Ann who married John Bloss, Edward who married Keziah, and Henry who married at least three times. With the possible exception of Elizabeth, who married a man of means, all seem to be of the same social and economic class. This is important to understanding their place in Middlesex County society at the time. I had tentatively placed these four as possible children of an early William and Elizabeth. There is no proof of this and I have repeatedly stated as much. Unfortunately some have taken this to be the case without consultation. This William and Elizabeth has since been shown to be incorrect. Instead, the parentage of Edward Ball has been shown to be William and Ann Ball of Essex County

Recent studies have suggested the possibility that Henry could be the son of an early Henry Ball. On this basis Henry has been detached from the William and Ann grouping, yet I’ve maintained his descendant lines in the database. See: A Proposed English Ancestry For Henry Ball (circa 1676 – 1735) of Middlesex County Virginia by Rachael M. Lennon, CGRS; “The American Genealogist”; Vol. 78, page 165 (2003).


I’ve tried to not stray too far from my bloodlines to keep control and not have the data become unwieldy. My intent has been to show where these families migrated from their beginnings. For the serious researcher, I’ve presented enough information to pursue further study. I remain open to contact and will provide additional information where applicable.

There are still several unplaced individuals who beg to be included within the family. While great care has been taken, I am sure there will be errors and omissions. All the same, I take pride in presenting this information and helping my cousins. Further, I am deeply indebted to Dr. Hill for his perseverance and willingness to share his findings.


Jim Ball
January 2005,
revised 2010

Descendant Charts: PDF-formated 3-generation tree charts for the known surviving sons of Edward and Keziah Ball of Middlesex Co. Virginia